Future Paysage

Sound-sculpture (carpet & bass-pumps & found audio)

Future Paysage is a tactile landscape. A red carpet mounted on a platform with the text  “Fiat Ars – Pereat Mundus” a fascist phrase echoed by the Italian  Futurists, which means  “Let art create as the world perishes “. The Latin “ars”  as a concept includes art, technique and modernity. The futurists  followed an idea that the natural landscape was much improved aesthetically by the addition of human technologies such as cannons,  tanks and blast craters violently scarring the rural scenery with war. The carpet vibrates with two speeches declaring war in 1939 (Chamberlains' sombre announcement juxtaposed with Hilters' public rallying cry for battle) , These speeches are stretched to become deep abstract vibrations in the material. The viewer is invited to walk on the platform and feel the soundscape tremble under foot.

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